Makeup by Me : Global Muslimah (extended)

Hello there! 

I can't believe that I haven't posted ANYTHING these past 2 months.
Here I am again, after busy with bunch of stuff in life, 
now come back to update some of the works I have done while I was away from this blogging world. :D

I am so excited to share my makeup works for the past 2 months (October-December), 
yet first now I'm gonna show you one of the works in Global Muslimah theme 
that I did few months back featuring my beautiful designer friend from Kazakhstan; Dinara.

The reason why I didn't put this makeup look in the last Global Muslimah post is that because 
I just got the photos later after I posted the first one. 
So yeah, hope you enjoy! :) 

For this photoshoot, Dinara herself was the model for her garment; and that's perfect.
I mean, she clearly didn't need any other girl to represent her works since she is gorgeous already!

The makeup concept was just simple. It was inspired by Arabic makeup with (of course) the Arabic statement black eyeliners. For the eyeshadow colors, I used some colors that are appeared on the garments such like dark green, deep blue, and bronze. Defined eyebrows, neutral blush, & nude lips I thought were the perfect matches for the heavy eye makeup, am I right? ;)

I looovveee all the photos that were taken for these garments! 
I think the model (Dinara) and the photographer (Raja Mokhzairi bin R Fauzi) really did a great job.

All the amazing photos are credited to RMi photography.
You should definitely check him out and like his facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/rmi.photo

Please stay tune for my next post real soon.

xx Vizzya

Artistic Makeup : Vizzily
Fashion Designer & Model : Dinara
Photographer : Raja Mzairi

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