Jewelry and Makeup Haul December 2012


For those of you who may or may not know; I LOVE jewelry and (obviously) makeup so so so much!
These two things are just the typical items that I always hunt to buy everytime I go shopping.
I do collect and use them a lot, in fact in daily basis. 

These collections are just not gonna stop growing from time to time; 
And I'm sure about it as I love collecting them freaking much.
Without wearing jewelry and or makeup, I just feel like I'm almost naked. Haha!

 Well, as a kind of shopaholic type of person, every end of every year has just been one of the best time to shop. 
Wherever you go, you gotta see SALE signs in almost every shop; and that's what I'm talking about! ;)
Seeing cool tempting stuff with such great deals is just feel so right. Am I right?

So in this post I'm gonna share the new family members in my jewelry and makeup collections.
And oh, in addition, some of the makeup that I picked are my repurchase products that I ran out of
 and I just can't live without them. Hehe.

Those jewelry above consist of arm candies and finger candies (if that makes sense).
Overall I really am pleased with all the stuff that I bought. 
In this time's jewelry haul, I can see that I've been so into studs, spikes, and pastel color accessories. 
I think most of people do too now as usually our taste just follow the happening trend, hehe :P

As you can see above, I have quite a few accessories that came from diva.
For those of you who are not familiar with this line, you better check this out cos' diva has such cool stuff.
However, diva is quite expensive in my opinion. I don't always go there, 
yet the reason why I did in this time of year was because of the sale offers. Yeay!

Besides diva, there were few other shops that I went to this time for the jewelry.
Some of them are Forever21 and Red's Revenge.
FYI, I purchased each one of these babies in not more than RM25 (25 ringgit Malaysia) 
which I think is quite reasonable price.



New empty palette, Woodwinked Eyeshadow, Cranberry Eyeshadow, 
Fan Fare Lipstick (cremesheen), See Sheer Lipstick (lustre), Lingering Eyebrow Pencil. 

Two of the most wanted eyeshadow colors in MAC.
You never know how much you love a color until you buy 2 lipsticks that are dupes of each other.

The perfect eyebrow pencil color to everyone! It just depends on how you build the color on your brows.


Balm Jovi Limited Edition Palette + Read My Lips The Balm Lipstick.

Great shades' range, amazing quality, cute packaging, and awesomeness overload! A MUST HAVE.
Oh yes, that's the price written there for those of you who are wondering ;)
Look how all the shades were named after music related names and bands! This is definitely one of the reasons why I always adore The Balm Cosmetics. And see that Blink 1982 shade? O yeah, I LOVE BLINK 182 and this palette makes me happy.
The palette consists of 8 shimmery eyeshadows, 4 matte eyeshadows, 1 highlighter, 1 pinky coral blush, and 2 lip/cheek tints. And hey, meet my new iPhone's sticker protector. Cute <3
These 6 first eyeshadow shades remind me of UD's Naked Palette. Don't you think?
Lead Zeppelin, rem, and Alice Copper are definitely my favs in the palette. Those are unique colors with gold shimmers in it.
SOLID COLOR aka (my all time favorite highlighter) Mary-Lou Manizer, Don't You Want Me? aka Frat Boy blush, Milly and Vanilly lip/ cheek tints. Amazing.
Read My Lips is a free gift that came with the palette. FYI, the minty smell and taste of this lipstick is EXACTLY the same as the naked mini lip gloss that came with the NAKED2 palette.
Pretty Mauvy Bronze color, with hint of gold glitters. The lipstick has sheer finish (just like MAC's lustre lipsticks).


Freedom System Palette (3), AMC shine 08 Eyeshadow, MATTE 342 Eyeshadow, MATTE 313 Eyeshadow.

The Inglot's freedom system lets you choose whatever colors you want in your palette. Their eyeshadows are one of the most amazing eyeshadows in the market. Fingers crossed xx.
I love all the shades that I picked. These are just my perfect kind of neutral daily eyeshadows. One for my lids, one for the crease (and nose contour too), and one for my brow bone highlight.
The palette that I have is not the 'common' magnetic Inglot palette. I prefer this more though, as it looks classier and more handy with mirror and sponge applicator inside. This has been my everyday thing since I bought it. I am pleased with it.

Wow, that was a quite long post wasn't it?
Anyways thank you so much for your time!
I hope this first haul post is enjoyable and give you some hints for what to buy in this holiday season,
and also some makeup swatches that you look for.

Happy Holiday Everyone! :)

Vizzya xoxo

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