Makeup by Me : Global Muslimah


Vizzily is here!

About two months ago (if I'm not mistaken), I created some looks for Global Muslimah fashion editorial photo shoots. 
I did several looks for several models and designers, with several fashion inspirations. 
Wow, look at that, i just typed several word for several times! Hahaha!
(That was such a lame joke, isn't it? :P)

Alright, sooo where were we?
Aa ok, anyways, I had such amazing times working with some young talented fashion designers,
who are my beloved friendsfor the project.
I was excited because as a Muslimah myself, it was just an amazing experience to create some gorgeous and creative makeup looks for a project that represents my faith.

And the best part was, most of the designers and the models that I worked with are not Muslims.
Amazing, isn't it? That's the beauty of living with mutual respect in this global era :)

For this Global Muslimah theme, each fashion designer had one particular inspiration from any country.
 Each one of them also had two garments for this project. I love all the garments they made, they are all amazing.

Now it's time to show you the looks i made!


Diana Caitilin's

Saudi Arabia
Turban Stylish
Arithinayu Karnain
Diana Caitilin (Indonesia)
Rasa Syminaite (Lithuania)
Photo by Try Hansen

For Diana Caitilin's models, I used dark purple on the creases (kinda like a cut crease style),
and gold eyeshadows on the lids, with bold black eyeliners to represent the 'Arabian' style. 
The cheeks are peachy, and for the lips I used peachy nude slightly glossy color to match the eye makeup.
I really love the looks, I think they are pretty!

And hey, I like Rasa too. Such a pretty and nice girl.
Me and Diana thinks that Rasa reminds us to Emma Watson a bit.
Don't know you can tell or not by photos, but in real life they look alike! (trust me).


Okky Dommy's

Okky Dommy (Indonesia)
Cindy Wilson (Indonesia)
Photo by Diana Caitilin

For these looks, again, I matched the makeup colors with the color of the garments.
In order to make variations of makeup, I drew some kind of extra-ordinary red and blue eye shadows
that were quite oversized and symmetrical for Cindy's eyes.

As for Okky's, I made kind of sharp winged black liners for the upper and lower eye lines.
The upper liners were winged up, and the lower liners were winged down.
Stunning Middle-East inspired liners, love it.


Evellyn Christina's

Hair Braiding
Bruna Elisa (Brazil)
Anastassiya Poleshuk (Kazakhstan)
Photo by Try Hansen

These Turkish inspired looks were really fun to make!
Just like the previous looks, these ones also bring eyes as the main focus.
Since the garments' colors are black, green, and gold; I decided to use the same colors for the eyes,
with a different style for each model.

For Bruna's eyes, I made the green color as the main color used that was applied all over the lids, creases, and even lower down from the lower lashes (which I think are cool). I then put pops of gold glitters in the tear dots and outer corners of her eyes.
Not to forget; bold eyebrows for a bit exaggerations.

For Anastassiya, I drew some wing statement shapes for her eyes using black color shadows and liner,
which kinda high up from her creases. On the lids, I applied green color that are slightly blended to the black color
in order to create some gradient effects.
Glitters are fun! That's why I didn't forget to put some on her tear dots to made the eyes appear brighter.
And one more thing; look at the dutch braid that i did for her hair! I think it goes well with her headgear :)

Both of them wore half-ended fake lashes by Etude House that are well-loved by me.

For the models' lips, I used coraly nude lipgloss to balance out their eyes.
And for their glowing cheeks, my secrets were NARS Orgasm blush + The Balm's Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter.
They both are my absolute favorite products!


Cindy Wilson's

Cowboy (Mexican)
Cindy Wilson (Indonesia)
Photo by Filda Nurina

Isn't she pretty? She is my adorable roommate here in Malaysia; Cindy :)
As for her cowboy style garment, I used some deep brownie, and a touch of beige as her eye shadows.

For the cheeks and lips I used pinky corals to make the look fresh and cheerful.
This look is quite simple and easy to make.


Fyi, I actually did some other looks too for this project.
But well, this post is already long and I think that should be enough.

I do have some other Behind The Scene photos that I'm gonna show you, yeaaay!

Hope you like this long post I made
and thank you so much for checking this out :)

xx Vizzya


Makeup by Me : Karolina Baltulyte

Romantic Lavender
feat. Karolina Baltulyte

A pretty & fresh look I created in collaboration with Try Hansen Photography and Call Me Diiiyn!

Hope you like it :)

Artistic Makeup & Hairstyle : Vizzily
Fashion Stylish : Diana Caitilin
Photographer : Try Hansen

Makeup by Me : Maria Sandra's Collection

"My final year Collection, inspired by the architecture of bird nest olympic stadium in Beijing. 
The collection is basically play with a lot of panels and details with embelishment like buttons and zipper." 
- Maria Sandra

For this makeup project, I did one particular type of look which was applied to Sandra's four models; 
Ruta Balciunaite (Lithuania), Eva Lopa (Sudan), Indirah Wahap (Kazakstan), and Aqilah (South Africa). 
However, I'm not going to show all of them since is the same makeup look.

For the photo session itself, it was divided by two times.
These photos below were taken at the first session by Try Hansen.
The second ones, which I didn't post it here, were taken by Archie Yuan.

The Makeup:
Some bold double wing statement liners that are separated with yellow winged eyeshadows,
bold black brows, black and gold lips,
and the stunning triangle 'custom-made' lower lashes that i made :)

Thank you, 
and let me know what you think! ;)

xo, Vizzya 

Fashion Designer : Maria Sandra
Artistic Makeup : Vizzily
Photographer : Try Hansen

Makeup by Me : Bianca's Final Garment


If you read my post titled My Precious Little Makeup Story, I assume you are familiar with Bianca.
She is my lovely talented fashion designer friend, and this post is all about her garments!
It is sad to know that Bianca will be graduated in the beginning of next month, cos she will be leaving Malaysia :(
But anyways...

In collaboration with photographer Vincent Tjandra, me and Bianca had so much fun doing all these shots. 
And fyi, for her final project, she made 5 amazing garments by herself. 
So we decided to take pictures for the first 3 garments earlier, while she was finishing her 2 other ones.
The first photo session was a late night shoot somewhere around Kuala Lumpur.
It was insanely fun! I believe it was around 2am, and we were just unbelievably full of energy.
For this photo shoot, I worked with one nice and pretty Iranian model; Roya Zarkoob.

These photos below are her first 2 garments.
(I did not post the other one since it used the same makeup look)

Taken by camera phone from Vincent's camera.
Roya in action!
Twiggy Inspired Makeup Look.

Now it's time for the last 2 garments + 1 garment from Bianca's 3rd sem project (which is amaaazing).
For this photo session, which I believe happened 2 weeks ago; I did three makeup looks.
2 for Diana Petrechova (Lithuanian), and 1 for Aqilah (South African).
This photo shoot location is nearby our apartment area in Cyberjaya. It was such a HOT day, but fun as always! :)

Diana the Queen of Darkness??
Sketched Eyes. 

The makeup look above was inspired by one of Rihanna's makeup looks. 
The eyes were drawn by sketch lines of black eyeliner and pops of silver glitters on the lid to the crease. 
Such a fun look to made! I do like it a lot :)

Yeah, that's a pretty hardcore tease baby! haha!
A french vintage up-do, a flawless face, and some statement lips.

Just so you know, I did this look on the set, right after Diana was done with her 'dark queen' kinda look.
The makeup was quite simple with a touch of statement lips, which I think really matched the french up-do that i did. This may sounds creepy, but I love teasing people's hair. Lol jk :P

Aaaaand last but not least...

Aqilah the Goddess.

I love this girl a lot! 
She is like the nicest person you can ever imagine. The most friendly model I have ever worked with; Aqilah.
Nevertheless, I love the garment too. Love the skirt so much! Great job, Bianca! :D
Ok, back to the look guys! So I did golden eyes look with gold glitters (which u can't see here), and some long-half-ended fake lashes. Oh, by the way, Aqilah has such GREAT lashes that are loooong, curly, and thick. 
Yes, loooong. Probably the longest real lashes I have ever since in my life. So envy!

Those are some of the photos taken for Bianca's garments.
I hope that was not my last collaboration with Bianca Agustina, Vincent Tjandra & the models.

Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoy! :)

xx Vizzily

Fashion Designer : Bianca Agustina Tandy
Artistic Makeup & Hairstyle : Vizzily
Photographer : Vincent Tjandra

Makeup by Me : Lime Crime for Diiiyn

April this year, I worked with Diiiyn for her sponsored makeup photo shoot.
 We used Lime Crime cosmetics that were sent for her to be featured in her blog. I did 4 makeup looks at that time. 
Two looks for Diiiyn, and other two for Cindy Wilson. It was such a fun photo shoot!

Artistic Makeup & Hairstyle : Vizzily
All photos taken by Try Hansen

PS: it was my first time using blue lipstick ever :D


Makeup works in 2011.

Hello again :)

Here I'm gonna show you some of my early makeup works in 2011.
Why 2011? Because that's the year when i officially started being a makeup artist!

I wanted to post each of my makeup works in depth, actually.
But since it's been a long time ago,
so I decided to just post all the last years' pictures in here, because...
well, I couldn't remember all the story behind each one of them!
I guess I'm just gonna give a little description of each picture later on.  

Ok, before I start, let me tell you this.
When I first made most of these looks, I didn't have a proper makeup kit.
Why not? Because I never planned to do makeup for other people before!
It was just a sudden thing for me to do at first in order to help my friends.
Even some of the cosmetics and tools that I used belong to my friends, hahaha.
But well, not all of them though. Only for some of the very first ones :)

If you are interested to know more about my makeup story,
feel free to read this post!

Now have a seat and enjoy xx

Photo by Shabrina Khan.
Design by Anisa Sita Ayuraini. Photo by Vincent Tjandra.
Design by Helthi Wiono. Photo by Archie Yuan.
Design by Maria Sandra. Photo by Vincent Tjandra.
Design by Evellyn Christina. Photo by Try Hansen.
Design by Azei Alaia. Photo by Vincent Tjandra.
Design by Bianca Agustina. Photo by Vincent Tjandra.
Design by Diana Caitilin. Photo by Try Hansen.
Design by Aurelia Es. Photo by Archie Yuan.
Stylish: Bianca Agustina. Photo by Vincent Tjandra.
Design by Anisa Sita Ayuraini. Photo by Vincent Tjandra.
Design by Shirley Wong. Photo by Archie Yuan.
Photo by Alvin Edison & Vienna Velly.

Sooo yeap! Those are some of my works in 2011!
Not all of them though, cos' I sadly do not own all the pictures of the looks i did :(

Fyi, I worked with many fashion design students.
So most of the photos above are taken for their portfolios.

Thank you so much for your time!



I painted myself & I liked it!

As i've told you in my last post, I love to paint myself with makeup! 

Yeap, not only for good-looking purposes, but literally just for fun! Haha :) 


Vizzya. Photo by Try hansen.

So there you go! Well, well... To be honest, when I started painting that look on my face, I just didn't know what I was doing. And when I finished, I directly called Try Hansen and Diiiyn to have a look and took a picture of mine. Of course I shouldn't miss a shot of this kind of makeup look, right? ;)

Ah! I remember now. Actually, that day I was trying my new single eyeshadow in dark blue color (which i put on my crease for this look). I don't know why, but I just couldn't stop painting my eyes with other colors too. Then it went on, and on, and on... until I reached this look! hahaha... Some friends told me this makeup looks like a peacock, some said Avatar (lol), and some also said butterfly. Thank God no one said it looked like a crazy person, hahaha :P

One more thing, just so you know, all those colors on my face are applied by only using 1 eye brush, 1 sponge applicator & 1 face brush. Now let's go try it by yourself guys!

So, what do you think it looks like? ;)

- Vizzya

My Precious Little Makeup Story.

Let me tell you my makeup artistry history before i show you some of my works :)
Oh, no! From where should I begin??

Umm, ok. Here we go.

So I've been blessed by God for giving me such a wonderful, creative, talented, beautiful mother. I am positively believe that this passion that i have in makeup artistry is my mom's heritage. My mother was once a beautician in one of the most leading cosmetic companies in Indonesia many years ago. Nevertheless, she is also an amazing beauty makeup artist.

But unlike my mother who studied her makeup skills through an academy, i learn my makeup artistry by myself. Yes, I am a self-taught makeup artist! Since i was little, I have been playing around with my mom's makeup kit. Instead of drawing on papers using crayons, pencil colors, or anything like that, i rather drew on my face using my mom's cosmetics. I remember there was one huge makeup kit that my mother kept beside the TV in her bedroom; that was one of the most playable things in my childhood. Haha ;)

Watching a make-over shows on TV, reading beauty articles in magazines, and of course looking at my mom or other people do makeup have always been an exciting thing to do for me since i was kid. Plus, for nowadays, I thank Internet to be such a good source for me to find put more makeup inspirations, and knowledge about it in an easy way.

So started from the few years back, i did a lot of makeup works to myself for many occasions, such as singing performances (yes, I'm a singer, not a popular one though), and even a makeup look for my aunt when she was having her son's wedding ceremony which was quite a big deal for that time. However, i always want to learn makeup from appropriate classes though. But what can I say? The opportunities for it have not come to me yet. I hope i will be able to take some makeup courses soon, InshaAllah.

Oh, wait! Before I go on with my story, let me show you my doodles on my cousin's eyes back in 2009. It was literally a doodle for me, hehehe. I remember we only used a very very cheap eyeshadows that we bought in one shopping mall in Batam, when we were having holidays there. So here it is! hahaha :P

Rizkyna Alamanda. Photo by Noya Siregar.

Long story short, here I am doing a freelance makeup job while studying Creative Multimedia Design Course in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Oops, i forgot to tell you how did I end up being a freelance makeup artist here! Umm, so it was started in June 2011, when my beloved friend Bianca asked me to help her to do makeup looks for her models who are also my beloved friends, Cindy and Jocelyne. Fyi, Bianca was a fashion design student, so that was meant to be her garments' photo shoot session with a talented young photographer Try Hansen, who is (of course) also my friend. So thanks to Bianca who opened this freelance opportunity to me! Oh, now let me show you the makeup looks of that i did that time.

Jossy & Cindy. Photo by Try Hansen.

Sooo, what do you think about the makeup look in that picture? It is waaay to perfection, i know. But even tough you may think that it was not the best makeup look you have ever seen in your life, to me it was such a precious little start for my makeup artistry career. Until now and forever, i will always keep learning to be as best makeup artist as i can be :)

Hmmm... i guess this post is quite long already. I don't wanna make anyone bored reading this, haha! Anyways, thank you so much for your time reading this little story of mine. I truly appreciate it! Hope this can be an inspiration for you, or at least an entertainment to read, hehehe. Fingers cross, I will be posting more pictures of my makeup works very soon! Please stay tune!

Once again, thank you very much for your time!

xx Vizzya



Hi everyone! :)

Well, as you can see, this is my very first post on this blog. 

............ *awkward silence*

Oh, craaaap! I am just sooo bad at introduction like this.

However, you guys can call me a noob or anything like that in this blogging world, coz' I am, indeed :P

But let me brief you about what i am planning to post further on this blog;

makeup, makeup, and makeup!

Hahaha, just kidding! Though it can be true, i guess :P

Hmmmm, ok so i think I'm just gonna introduce myself very quick then.

My name is Rizqina Vizzya Hassan; a proud Indonesian girl.

I am turning 21 years old on next 17th August, yeaaay!!!

Naa aah, I am not that excited for getting older actually. But umm, whatever :/

I am currently studying Multimedia Design in Malaysia, while freelancing as a makeup artist & a singer too, haha :D

I love makeup, music, movies, food, and YOU.

Sooo yeah, that's pretty much my quick introduction about myself. 

Hope this blog can be a fresh and inspiring new reading material to you all! 

Thanks for visiting!

xx, Vizzya.