Makeup by Me : Bianca's Final Garment


If you read my post titled My Precious Little Makeup Story, I assume you are familiar with Bianca.
She is my lovely talented fashion designer friend, and this post is all about her garments!
It is sad to know that Bianca will be graduated in the beginning of next month, cos she will be leaving Malaysia :(
But anyways...

In collaboration with photographer Vincent Tjandra, me and Bianca had so much fun doing all these shots. 
And fyi, for her final project, she made 5 amazing garments by herself. 
So we decided to take pictures for the first 3 garments earlier, while she was finishing her 2 other ones.
The first photo session was a late night shoot somewhere around Kuala Lumpur.
It was insanely fun! I believe it was around 2am, and we were just unbelievably full of energy.
For this photo shoot, I worked with one nice and pretty Iranian model; Roya Zarkoob.

These photos below are her first 2 garments.
(I did not post the other one since it used the same makeup look)

Taken by camera phone from Vincent's camera.
Roya in action!
Twiggy Inspired Makeup Look.

Now it's time for the last 2 garments + 1 garment from Bianca's 3rd sem project (which is amaaazing).
For this photo session, which I believe happened 2 weeks ago; I did three makeup looks.
2 for Diana Petrechova (Lithuanian), and 1 for Aqilah (South African).
This photo shoot location is nearby our apartment area in Cyberjaya. It was such a HOT day, but fun as always! :)

Diana the Queen of Darkness??
Sketched Eyes. 

The makeup look above was inspired by one of Rihanna's makeup looks. 
The eyes were drawn by sketch lines of black eyeliner and pops of silver glitters on the lid to the crease. 
Such a fun look to made! I do like it a lot :)

Yeah, that's a pretty hardcore tease baby! haha!
A french vintage up-do, a flawless face, and some statement lips.

Just so you know, I did this look on the set, right after Diana was done with her 'dark queen' kinda look.
The makeup was quite simple with a touch of statement lips, which I think really matched the french up-do that i did. This may sounds creepy, but I love teasing people's hair. Lol jk :P

Aaaaand last but not least...

Aqilah the Goddess.

I love this girl a lot! 
She is like the nicest person you can ever imagine. The most friendly model I have ever worked with; Aqilah.
Nevertheless, I love the garment too. Love the skirt so much! Great job, Bianca! :D
Ok, back to the look guys! So I did golden eyes look with gold glitters (which u can't see here), and some long-half-ended fake lashes. Oh, by the way, Aqilah has such GREAT lashes that are loooong, curly, and thick. 
Yes, loooong. Probably the longest real lashes I have ever since in my life. So envy!

Those are some of the photos taken for Bianca's garments.
I hope that was not my last collaboration with Bianca Agustina, Vincent Tjandra & the models.

Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoy! :)

xx Vizzily

Fashion Designer : Bianca Agustina Tandy
Artistic Makeup & Hairstyle : Vizzily
Photographer : Vincent Tjandra


  1. amazing makeup and photos! xx


  2. thank you very much!!! xoxo