Makeup by Me : The Tribe Inspired

HI :)

The makeup look I'm sharing now is a look that I created for Diana Caitilin's model;
Lia Khairullina from Russia.

I describe this makeup look as an Native American Indian Tribe Inspired Makeup.
Though the garment is an African Inspired dress; they look awesome together :)

Photo by Archie Yuan.
The Make Over Session.


I left the skin look natural with a light-medium coverage foundation 
because I'm just not a fan of 'mask' like face on my models. 
Unless they have really bad skin, then I would prefer the heavy coverage ones.

The makeup colors are adapted by the garment's colors. 
As a request by the designer; I used yellow and black color for the eyes. 
Yet I put red accents under the eyes to make it look more interesting.
As for the eyelashes, I put some Etude Double Ended Fake Lashes to create the dramatic flare lashes.

The brows were just defined with a clear nude lips.
For the cheeks, I focused on contour and highlight rather than the blush.
Last but not least, I drew some triangles on top of the brows (it was Diana's idea), 
and that was just seems to be the essential that make this makeup looks tribe-y.

LOVE it.

*   *   *   *   *

Now it's time to show you some moments I captured during the photo session.

THANK YOU for visiting this post xx


My AWESOME friend; David Kimani.
The Beautiful Garment
One of the best iPhone shot of that day. NO filter! Just an accidental flash from Archie's camera.
Another NO filter. Lia and David. They're awesome!
Diana is such a caring designer for her model. Haha ;)
On the set.


Jewelry and Makeup Haul December 2012


For those of you who may or may not know; I LOVE jewelry and (obviously) makeup so so so much!
These two things are just the typical items that I always hunt to buy everytime I go shopping.
I do collect and use them a lot, in fact in daily basis. 

These collections are just not gonna stop growing from time to time; 
And I'm sure about it as I love collecting them freaking much.
Without wearing jewelry and or makeup, I just feel like I'm almost naked. Haha!

 Well, as a kind of shopaholic type of person, every end of every year has just been one of the best time to shop. 
Wherever you go, you gotta see SALE signs in almost every shop; and that's what I'm talking about! ;)
Seeing cool tempting stuff with such great deals is just feel so right. Am I right?

So in this post I'm gonna share the new family members in my jewelry and makeup collections.
And oh, in addition, some of the makeup that I picked are my repurchase products that I ran out of
 and I just can't live without them. Hehe.

Those jewelry above consist of arm candies and finger candies (if that makes sense).
Overall I really am pleased with all the stuff that I bought. 
In this time's jewelry haul, I can see that I've been so into studs, spikes, and pastel color accessories. 
I think most of people do too now as usually our taste just follow the happening trend, hehe :P

As you can see above, I have quite a few accessories that came from diva.
For those of you who are not familiar with this line, you better check this out cos' diva has such cool stuff.
However, diva is quite expensive in my opinion. I don't always go there, 
yet the reason why I did in this time of year was because of the sale offers. Yeay!

Besides diva, there were few other shops that I went to this time for the jewelry.
Some of them are Forever21 and Red's Revenge.
FYI, I purchased each one of these babies in not more than RM25 (25 ringgit Malaysia) 
which I think is quite reasonable price.



New empty palette, Woodwinked Eyeshadow, Cranberry Eyeshadow, 
Fan Fare Lipstick (cremesheen), See Sheer Lipstick (lustre), Lingering Eyebrow Pencil. 

Two of the most wanted eyeshadow colors in MAC.
You never know how much you love a color until you buy 2 lipsticks that are dupes of each other.

The perfect eyebrow pencil color to everyone! It just depends on how you build the color on your brows.


Balm Jovi Limited Edition Palette + Read My Lips The Balm Lipstick.

Great shades' range, amazing quality, cute packaging, and awesomeness overload! A MUST HAVE.
Oh yes, that's the price written there for those of you who are wondering ;)
Look how all the shades were named after music related names and bands! This is definitely one of the reasons why I always adore The Balm Cosmetics. And see that Blink 1982 shade? O yeah, I LOVE BLINK 182 and this palette makes me happy.
The palette consists of 8 shimmery eyeshadows, 4 matte eyeshadows, 1 highlighter, 1 pinky coral blush, and 2 lip/cheek tints. And hey, meet my new iPhone's sticker protector. Cute <3
These 6 first eyeshadow shades remind me of UD's Naked Palette. Don't you think?
Lead Zeppelin, rem, and Alice Copper are definitely my favs in the palette. Those are unique colors with gold shimmers in it.
SOLID COLOR aka (my all time favorite highlighter) Mary-Lou Manizer, Don't You Want Me? aka Frat Boy blush, Milly and Vanilly lip/ cheek tints. Amazing.
Read My Lips is a free gift that came with the palette. FYI, the minty smell and taste of this lipstick is EXACTLY the same as the naked mini lip gloss that came with the NAKED2 palette.
Pretty Mauvy Bronze color, with hint of gold glitters. The lipstick has sheer finish (just like MAC's lustre lipsticks).


Freedom System Palette (3), AMC shine 08 Eyeshadow, MATTE 342 Eyeshadow, MATTE 313 Eyeshadow.

The Inglot's freedom system lets you choose whatever colors you want in your palette. Their eyeshadows are one of the most amazing eyeshadows in the market. Fingers crossed xx.
I love all the shades that I picked. These are just my perfect kind of neutral daily eyeshadows. One for my lids, one for the crease (and nose contour too), and one for my brow bone highlight.
The palette that I have is not the 'common' magnetic Inglot palette. I prefer this more though, as it looks classier and more handy with mirror and sponge applicator inside. This has been my everyday thing since I bought it. I am pleased with it.

Wow, that was a quite long post wasn't it?
Anyways thank you so much for your time!
I hope this first haul post is enjoyable and give you some hints for what to buy in this holiday season,
and also some makeup swatches that you look for.

Happy Holiday Everyone! :)

Vizzya xoxo


Makeup by Me : Studs and Spikes

Hi, how are you doing? :D
Hope everyone is having a good day out there!

In this post, I'm gonna show you a some sneak peaks and the makeup look that I did 
for a photoshoot that happened on 10th November 2012 in Limkokwing University - Cyberjaya, Malaysia.

I did have a great fun time that day working as a makeup artist for gorgeous LKW's models 
for the Limkokwing Fashion Club's clothing line that will (hopefully) be launched soon.
I honestly am excited about the line since I've seen some cool fashionable stuff that they had in the photoshoot. 
Can't wait to see the whole collections!

The makeup look
that I created that day were smokey eyes look, with a touch of gold and glitters.
This eye makeup was not an ordinary smokey look though; I made gold lines accent in the middle of the blacks.
And since the eyes took the dominance, I left the faces quite bare with a little blush and contour. 
The lips are just nude to create a modern effect.
For this photoshoot, Limkokwing University picked such perfect models for the collection;
who are Gabrielle Boudville from Malaysia & Indirah Wahap from Kazakhstan.
They are pretty and just fabulous. I really love seeing them posing in front of camera ;)

And of course, a great photoshoot won't be as great without the photographer and the amazing stylist.
They are Archie Yuan (photographer) and Fernika Thomas (fashion & hair stylist).
Both of the creative people are from Indonesia too. Yeaaah! :D
It was a really nice feeling and experience to work with friends from the same country of mine,
while we are working and studying in other country; Malaysia.

Down here are some fun photos that I took in the studio.


Styling for Gaby. Oh Gab, what a body! ;)
Gaby & Indirah
Indirah, Archie (photographer), Gaby.

THIS should be my favorite pose. Hot!

Fernika and Indirah
Armcandies, necklaces, and friends...
That pose? YES, that's a secret for taking wonderful photos! HAHA! :P

Too bad I couldn't show you the "real" photos that were taken by Archie 
because the photos are not officially launched yet.
But I will update and post those cool photos asap. 

Thank you so much for your time!

Ps: Pardon me for some bad quality pictures. I captured everything with my phone's camera :P

Much love, Vizzya xx 



Makeup by Me : Global Muslimah (extended)

Hello there! 

I can't believe that I haven't posted ANYTHING these past 2 months.
Here I am again, after busy with bunch of stuff in life, 
now come back to update some of the works I have done while I was away from this blogging world. :D

I am so excited to share my makeup works for the past 2 months (October-December), 
yet first now I'm gonna show you one of the works in Global Muslimah theme 
that I did few months back featuring my beautiful designer friend from Kazakhstan; Dinara.

The reason why I didn't put this makeup look in the last Global Muslimah post is that because 
I just got the photos later after I posted the first one. 
So yeah, hope you enjoy! :) 

For this photoshoot, Dinara herself was the model for her garment; and that's perfect.
I mean, she clearly didn't need any other girl to represent her works since she is gorgeous already!

The makeup concept was just simple. It was inspired by Arabic makeup with (of course) the Arabic statement black eyeliners. For the eyeshadow colors, I used some colors that are appeared on the garments such like dark green, deep blue, and bronze. Defined eyebrows, neutral blush, & nude lips I thought were the perfect matches for the heavy eye makeup, am I right? ;)

I looovveee all the photos that were taken for these garments! 
I think the model (Dinara) and the photographer (Raja Mokhzairi bin R Fauzi) really did a great job.

All the amazing photos are credited to RMi photography.
You should definitely check him out and like his facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/rmi.photo

Please stay tune for my next post real soon.

xx Vizzya

Artistic Makeup : Vizzily
Fashion Designer & Model : Dinara
Photographer : Raja Mzairi


Makeup by Me : From July to August

Heeeyyy everyone! It's been a while!
How you doin? Good?? Great! hahah... :D

So yeah here I am again with some reasons to tell you for not updating this blog.
But first, I want to say Happy Ied for all! Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin.
I know it's too late but it's better than not saying that at all ;)

Umm alright, so the reason why I've been away are; First, I had holiday for around one and a half month starting from the end of June. So I was kinda not into internet those days haha. And oh yeah, then the Ramadhan came too. My mom and niece came here to Malaysia that time, so I hung out a lot! (again, another reason to not stay home updating blog, obviously).

Second reason (which is the most exciting part), I became a part-time Make Up Lecturer in the Hair Design Academy in my university; Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, started from the end of July. Yeay! :D
That is such one of big precious parts of my makeup career so far. I mean, me being a lecturer?? I didn't even dream about that before! So thanks to Allah SWT and Limkokwing University to giving the way and opportunity for that. Alhamdulillah.

Anyways, not updating blog doesn't mean that I had no makeup works to do and to share with you.
I have actually been having some makeup projects for these last two months. The big one was on 17th July. That day, me and my two beautiful friends who assisted me; Bianca Agustina & Joseline Fang, did make up for around 21 models for Emerald Gala Charity Dinner Fashion Show in Mandarin Oriental Hotel - KL. That was a looong tiring day since I did most of the makeup by myself. Thanks to Bianca and Joseline who helped me a lot for doing the bases, eyelashes, and some lippies' stuff. I surely couldn't do those things without them. Btw, that was Malaysian Royal Family occasion. Cool, huh? ;)

Now here is the models' group picture!

Pretty girls from Limkokwing University with my makeup!

I know that you can't really see the makeup details in the picture above. I'm sorry for that :(
But I'm planning to post another blog showing each of their faces.

Ok, moving on... As I've told u, I did some makeup projects.
Some others are also for Limkokwing University. I did some makeup for photoshoots there. However, these photos below were taken by phone camera since I couldn't get the original photos until they launch the photos. But here they are!

Makeup for Frisca Dewi Mulia's Garments. She won the 'Best Samsung Galaxy SIII Flip Cover Design' at the 2012 MODA Young Designer Showcase!

Some behind the shots pics taken from my phone in the studio.

Model : Ally

It's always fun to watch photo sessions!

Nastya waited for her shooting time.

Not only doing makeup on other people, I also love to draw my own face in my free time.
Here is my eye with some bright fun colors, taken by myself.

Everything through my eye.

Now is time for my last makeup work on August. This was a project I did in collaboration with my photographer friend Archie Yuan, and some cool Indonesian girl friends who created the DIY dress for this shot. This shot was made for an Indonesian Independence Day event in my university, held by Indonesian students, called Imaginesia. With our gorgeous model Aqilah, we wanted to show Indonesian great heritage in fashion through her batik dress.

Night can't fade the colors.
Makeup and Hair by Me. Photo by Archie Yuan.

Sooooooo that's all I guess!
Thank you so much for checking this out, and stay tune for my September works.

Much love, Vizzya xx