Makeup by Me : Studs and Spikes

Hi, how are you doing? :D
Hope everyone is having a good day out there!

In this post, I'm gonna show you a some sneak peaks and the makeup look that I did 
for a photoshoot that happened on 10th November 2012 in Limkokwing University - Cyberjaya, Malaysia.

I did have a great fun time that day working as a makeup artist for gorgeous LKW's models 
for the Limkokwing Fashion Club's clothing line that will (hopefully) be launched soon.
I honestly am excited about the line since I've seen some cool fashionable stuff that they had in the photoshoot. 
Can't wait to see the whole collections!

The makeup look
that I created that day were smokey eyes look, with a touch of gold and glitters.
This eye makeup was not an ordinary smokey look though; I made gold lines accent in the middle of the blacks.
And since the eyes took the dominance, I left the faces quite bare with a little blush and contour. 
The lips are just nude to create a modern effect.
For this photoshoot, Limkokwing University picked such perfect models for the collection;
who are Gabrielle Boudville from Malaysia & Indirah Wahap from Kazakhstan.
They are pretty and just fabulous. I really love seeing them posing in front of camera ;)

And of course, a great photoshoot won't be as great without the photographer and the amazing stylist.
They are Archie Yuan (photographer) and Fernika Thomas (fashion & hair stylist).
Both of the creative people are from Indonesia too. Yeaaah! :D
It was a really nice feeling and experience to work with friends from the same country of mine,
while we are working and studying in other country; Malaysia.

Down here are some fun photos that I took in the studio.


Styling for Gaby. Oh Gab, what a body! ;)
Gaby & Indirah
Indirah, Archie (photographer), Gaby.

THIS should be my favorite pose. Hot!

Fernika and Indirah
Armcandies, necklaces, and friends...
That pose? YES, that's a secret for taking wonderful photos! HAHA! :P

Too bad I couldn't show you the "real" photos that were taken by Archie 
because the photos are not officially launched yet.
But I will update and post those cool photos asap. 

Thank you so much for your time!

Ps: Pardon me for some bad quality pictures. I captured everything with my phone's camera :P

Much love, Vizzya xx 



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  3. Wow the makeup looks amazing!! Love the eyes! :)