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2012 Makeup Favorites! (My Everyday Makeup Products)


I'm so excited to be back here to update my makeup works and some makeup reviews as I did before!
Yet before I show some updates about those, in this very first 2013 post I am just gonna share my essential makeup products that I loved for 2012, and probably will always be for my next future (as I'm still obsessed with them until now). 
These makeup basically can be called as my everyday makeup routine products that I swear by
I think all the products that I'm gonna talk about in this post are definitely worth mentioning and worth the try! 
So let's check 'em out, shall we? ;)
-- Products' appearance is based on my daily makeup routine steps -- 


Elite Just Perfect Face Primer

This primer has been a staple one for me for the whole 2012. I think it does the job in making my makeup stayed longer throughout my days and making it less oily. This product is also quite affordable as it is a drugstore product here in Malaysia. As you can see, I've actually gone through this (just some tiny drops left inside the tube) and I really need to purchase a new face primer. I love this primer, however, I have some other face primers in my 2013 to-buy-list.

Lioele Beyond The Solution BB Cream

 For some days or occasions that I didn't want a heavy coverage on my face, 
or some days where I felt like I had a quite good skin; I always grabbed this Lioele Beyond The Solution BB cream. 
I remember that I used this product the most in the beginning of the year 2012.
This BB cream is one of my favorite BB creams as it has quite a good coverage. I would say it has medium coverage.  
The texture of this BB cream is quite creamy and a little thick, and it also has a rose scent in it which I personally like. 
O yeah, I love everything smells good! 

Revlon Powdery Foundation in Ivory 02

 This is probably one of my least attractive looking makeup products yet my most repurchased one in my entire life! 
Thanks to my mom who introduced me to this foundation few years ago, I love it so much, and I've been repurchasing this over and over, again and again. This foundation is a kind of cream foundation type which has a matte-powdery finish to the skin. I love it on me, I love it for my models. You may wonder about the packaging though... No no, this is not the real packaging obviously. It originally comes with a compact powder like packaging, with mirror and sponge inside. However this just the refill one, which I honestly think comes in handy and prefer more.

MAC Studio Fix Concealer in NW 25

This is probably my most comfortable concealerso far. I don't know why, but I always come back to this last year. It is creamy and gives quite good coverage. This slightly peachy tone concealer I find just great for my under eye area specifically since I have such a baaad under eye darkness. Love it.

 SKIN 79 Sun Protect Blebesh Pact SPF 30/PA++

This powder is actually a compact BB cream with sunscreen which has such a great coverage to the skin. I like it a lot as it goes on smoothly on my face and has a good longevity too. I am obsessed with the shocking pink packaging, yet unfortunately the writing on the top of it has been rubbed off as I've been carrying this around everywhere and using it every single day.

Etude House Proof 10 Eyeshadow Primer

Works GREAT. Makes my eyeshadow stay put all day and also waterproof. It's also way more affordable than the MAC paint pots, UD primer potion, etc. Just my absolute go to makeup essential for my clients, models, and myself everyday. 

Urban Decay NAKED2 Palette 

Yes, of course my NAKED2 palette.
 I mean, who doesn't love it anyway? Perfect neutrals, beautiful shades. 
My favorite shade in this palette is 'bootycall' which I sometimes used as a face highlighter too.
But I have to say that I hate the fall outs that the eyeshadows in this palette gave me sometime when I'm doing my makeup.

NYX Trio Eye Shadow in 39 Dandy

As you can see from the photos above, this eyeshadow trio has been super well loved by me.
This trio comes with all matte shadows which are perfect for highlight and contour. 
It also got mirror and sponge applicator in it. The colors are taupe grey (left), white (middle), and brown (right). 
However, the most left one in this trio is the one that I rarely used and also broken. That is why the eyeshadow is gone, hehe. I didn't only use this palette for eyes, but also for my nose contour and my brows (the brown color).

Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in 01 Black

One of the BEST black gel eyeliners in the market.
Been using it continuously since it first came out. Enough said.

Bourjois Volume Clubbing Waterproof Mascara

As far as I remember, this mascara was my favorite back when I was in junior high school, 
yet for this non-waterproof version. 
I first tried my mom's at that time, and just kept borrowing hers those days. And in the beginning of 2012, I just rediscovered it again and fall in love deeply since then. 
This mascara is just the best mascara I've ever discovered. It is voluminous and gives such amazing length although it can be a little bit clumpy sometimes. FYI, I honestly like a slight clumpyness in mascara as it gives kinda thickness to the eyelashes. 
I know that most people may hate it, but it's really just my personal preference ;)
And now mine is dried out. But I'm 100% gonna repurchase this ASAP.

Maybelline Lashionista Waterproof Mascara

I thank my brother Naoly Meyzar so much for this mascara that he bought me in Japan!
It's been one of amazing discoveries that I've come across in my makeup live journey.
Just like the phenomenal Maybelline The Falsies Mascara, this one also has 'lash' fibers in it that can add dramatic and full feeling into our lashes. However, the fibers in here are specifically for lengthening the eyelash. 
The wand itself is skinny and good for separating eyelashes.
I use it for layering my Bourjois one, to give my lashes length and less clumpy. 
The only down side of this is that I can't find it anywhere in Malaysia or Indonesia.
Maybe only in Japan... and that is sooo sad :(
Cyber Colors Auto Eyebrow Pen in Brown

I think I repurchase this eyebrow pen around 3 or 4 times last year. yes, I'm an eyebrow stuff digger, hahah.I was just in love with the quality and its packaging. It's affordable yet look quite fancy in my opinion. I'm so gonna buy this again.

The Balm Bahama Mama

 I personally don't use bronzer at all. Well maybe I did, but only like few times when I felt like applying it.
The reason why is that because I'm wearing hijab that always cover my cheekbone area.
So I don't necessarily need it, although I have HUGE cheeks :P
However, I used it to each of my models, especially for photoshoots.
This is just a great contour cheekbone powder for making a prominent, strong editorial cheekbones.
It is kinda dark for lighter skin tones in the pan, but if you know the trick and being light handed in applying this,
this is just perfect for everyone!

  NARS Gaeity Blush

Probably my All Time Favorite blush! It looks super shocking and bright (blue tone matte pink) in the pan, yet looks amazing in my complexion with a light handed application. Love it! I use it religiously everyday. It is smooth, pigmented, and last quite long on the cheek. It is just the best blusher in the whole wide world! Much much better than MAC powder blush. The only 2 downsides about this blush are it is not sold in Indonesia/ Malaysia, and it is PRICEY.

MAC Peony Petal Powder Blush

This is another bright blue pink tone blush that I love. In fact, this is quite a dupe for the NARS Gaeity, yet slightly lighter (less shocking) than the NARS one. Yup, I really love blue pink tone blushes as I feel they look flattering, youthful, and brighten up my complexion. Unfortunately, this came in last year's limited edition Tres Cheek collection. Anyway, as a typical MAC blush, u never know when you gonna hit the pan even tough you u use it every day.

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter

This is just the secret in my makeup kit.
Been using it like crazy on me and my models as cheekbone and brow bone highlight.
Literally one of the things I can't do makeup without.
Gorgeously pigmented and flattering. Cute packaging too!

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color SPF 15 in Pink Peony 28

Well this might not be everyone's preference as an everyday color; yet it is for me.
I'm not a pale/ nude lipsticks girl, nor a lipgloss girl.
 So this pink coraly tone lipstick is just my kinda perfect everyday lip color.
I like it as it is lightweight, yet intense and moisturizing. This also has SPF in it which is just a total plus.

Elianto Matte Berry Lipstick in 01

For those of who don't know, Elianto is a Malaysian cosmetic brand. Their quality is quite good for the price that you have to pay for each product. This particular matte lipstick is one of my favorite Elianto products. And 01 is just my perfect everyday pink color. I love it even more than my Bobbi Brown one. This matte color is intense, pretty, and moisturizing. Not drying up my lips at all. I'm so gonna repurchase this!

So that's all everyone!
Those are the makeup products that I've fallen in love with for 2012.
I did try many others, yet those that I just mentioned are the ones that I always go back for and swear by.
I hope this post can give you ideas on each product mentioned, and also guide you in buying some new products to try out if you haven't try those.
Hopefully in 2013 I can discover more amazing products to use and to share :)

Thank you so much for checking this out!



Makeup by Me : The Tribe Inspired

HI :)

The makeup look I'm sharing now is a look that I created for Diana Caitilin's model;
Lia Khairullina from Russia.

I describe this makeup look as an Native American Indian Tribe Inspired Makeup.
Though the garment is an African Inspired dress; they look awesome together :)

Photo by Archie Yuan.
The Make Over Session.


I left the skin look natural with a light-medium coverage foundation 
because I'm just not a fan of 'mask' like face on my models. 
Unless they have really bad skin, then I would prefer the heavy coverage ones.

The makeup colors are adapted by the garment's colors. 
As a request by the designer; I used yellow and black color for the eyes. 
Yet I put red accents under the eyes to make it look more interesting.
As for the eyelashes, I put some Etude Double Ended Fake Lashes to create the dramatic flare lashes.

The brows were just defined with a clear nude lips.
For the cheeks, I focused on contour and highlight rather than the blush.
Last but not least, I drew some triangles on top of the brows (it was Diana's idea), 
and that was just seems to be the essential that make this makeup looks tribe-y.

LOVE it.

*   *   *   *   *

Now it's time to show you some moments I captured during the photo session.

THANK YOU for visiting this post xx


My AWESOME friend; David Kimani.
The Beautiful Garment
One of the best iPhone shot of that day. NO filter! Just an accidental flash from Archie's camera.
Another NO filter. Lia and David. They're awesome!
Diana is such a caring designer for her model. Haha ;)
On the set.