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Vizzily is here!

About two months ago (if I'm not mistaken), I created some looks for Global Muslimah fashion editorial photo shoots. 
I did several looks for several models and designers, with several fashion inspirations. 
Wow, look at that, i just typed several word for several times! Hahaha!
(That was such a lame joke, isn't it? :P)

Alright, sooo where were we?
Aa ok, anyways, I had such amazing times working with some young talented fashion designers,
who are my beloved friendsfor the project.
I was excited because as a Muslimah myself, it was just an amazing experience to create some gorgeous and creative makeup looks for a project that represents my faith.

And the best part was, most of the designers and the models that I worked with are not Muslims.
Amazing, isn't it? That's the beauty of living with mutual respect in this global era :)

For this Global Muslimah theme, each fashion designer had one particular inspiration from any country.
 Each one of them also had two garments for this project. I love all the garments they made, they are all amazing.

Now it's time to show you the looks i made!


Diana Caitilin's

Saudi Arabia
Turban Stylish
Arithinayu Karnain
Diana Caitilin (Indonesia)
Rasa Syminaite (Lithuania)
Photo by Try Hansen

For Diana Caitilin's models, I used dark purple on the creases (kinda like a cut crease style),
and gold eyeshadows on the lids, with bold black eyeliners to represent the 'Arabian' style. 
The cheeks are peachy, and for the lips I used peachy nude slightly glossy color to match the eye makeup.
I really love the looks, I think they are pretty!

And hey, I like Rasa too. Such a pretty and nice girl.
Me and Diana thinks that Rasa reminds us to Emma Watson a bit.
Don't know you can tell or not by photos, but in real life they look alike! (trust me).


Okky Dommy's

Okky Dommy (Indonesia)
Cindy Wilson (Indonesia)
Photo by Diana Caitilin

For these looks, again, I matched the makeup colors with the color of the garments.
In order to make variations of makeup, I drew some kind of extra-ordinary red and blue eye shadows
that were quite oversized and symmetrical for Cindy's eyes.

As for Okky's, I made kind of sharp winged black liners for the upper and lower eye lines.
The upper liners were winged up, and the lower liners were winged down.
Stunning Middle-East inspired liners, love it.


Evellyn Christina's

Hair Braiding
Bruna Elisa (Brazil)
Anastassiya Poleshuk (Kazakhstan)
Photo by Try Hansen

These Turkish inspired looks were really fun to make!
Just like the previous looks, these ones also bring eyes as the main focus.
Since the garments' colors are black, green, and gold; I decided to use the same colors for the eyes,
with a different style for each model.

For Bruna's eyes, I made the green color as the main color used that was applied all over the lids, creases, and even lower down from the lower lashes (which I think are cool). I then put pops of gold glitters in the tear dots and outer corners of her eyes.
Not to forget; bold eyebrows for a bit exaggerations.

For Anastassiya, I drew some wing statement shapes for her eyes using black color shadows and liner,
which kinda high up from her creases. On the lids, I applied green color that are slightly blended to the black color
in order to create some gradient effects.
Glitters are fun! That's why I didn't forget to put some on her tear dots to made the eyes appear brighter.
And one more thing; look at the dutch braid that i did for her hair! I think it goes well with her headgear :)

Both of them wore half-ended fake lashes by Etude House that are well-loved by me.

For the models' lips, I used coraly nude lipgloss to balance out their eyes.
And for their glowing cheeks, my secrets were NARS Orgasm blush + The Balm's Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter.
They both are my absolute favorite products!


Cindy Wilson's

Cowboy (Mexican)
Cindy Wilson (Indonesia)
Photo by Filda Nurina

Isn't she pretty? She is my adorable roommate here in Malaysia; Cindy :)
As for her cowboy style garment, I used some deep brownie, and a touch of beige as her eye shadows.

For the cheeks and lips I used pinky corals to make the look fresh and cheerful.
This look is quite simple and easy to make.


Fyi, I actually did some other looks too for this project.
But well, this post is already long and I think that should be enough.

I do have some other Behind The Scene photos that I'm gonna show you, yeaaay!

Hope you like this long post I made
and thank you so much for checking this out :)

xx Vizzya


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