Makeup by Me : Maria Sandra's Collection

"My final year Collection, inspired by the architecture of bird nest olympic stadium in Beijing. 
The collection is basically play with a lot of panels and details with embelishment like buttons and zipper." 
- Maria Sandra

For this makeup project, I did one particular type of look which was applied to Sandra's four models; 
Ruta Balciunaite (Lithuania), Eva Lopa (Sudan), Indirah Wahap (Kazakstan), and Aqilah (South Africa). 
However, I'm not going to show all of them since is the same makeup look.

For the photo session itself, it was divided by two times.
These photos below were taken at the first session by Try Hansen.
The second ones, which I didn't post it here, were taken by Archie Yuan.

The Makeup:
Some bold double wing statement liners that are separated with yellow winged eyeshadows,
bold black brows, black and gold lips,
and the stunning triangle 'custom-made' lower lashes that i made :)

Thank you, 
and let me know what you think! ;)

xo, Vizzya 

Fashion Designer : Maria Sandra
Artistic Makeup : Vizzily
Photographer : Try Hansen