My Precious Little Makeup Story.

Let me tell you my makeup artistry history before i show you some of my works :)
Oh, no! From where should I begin??

Umm, ok. Here we go.

So I've been blessed by God for giving me such a wonderful, creative, talented, beautiful mother. I am positively believe that this passion that i have in makeup artistry is my mom's heritage. My mother was once a beautician in one of the most leading cosmetic companies in Indonesia many years ago. Nevertheless, she is also an amazing beauty makeup artist.

But unlike my mother who studied her makeup skills through an academy, i learn my makeup artistry by myself. Yes, I am a self-taught makeup artist! Since i was little, I have been playing around with my mom's makeup kit. Instead of drawing on papers using crayons, pencil colors, or anything like that, i rather drew on my face using my mom's cosmetics. I remember there was one huge makeup kit that my mother kept beside the TV in her bedroom; that was one of the most playable things in my childhood. Haha ;)

Watching a make-over shows on TV, reading beauty articles in magazines, and of course looking at my mom or other people do makeup have always been an exciting thing to do for me since i was kid. Plus, for nowadays, I thank Internet to be such a good source for me to find put more makeup inspirations, and knowledge about it in an easy way.

So started from the few years back, i did a lot of makeup works to myself for many occasions, such as singing performances (yes, I'm a singer, not a popular one though), and even a makeup look for my aunt when she was having her son's wedding ceremony which was quite a big deal for that time. However, i always want to learn makeup from appropriate classes though. But what can I say? The opportunities for it have not come to me yet. I hope i will be able to take some makeup courses soon, InshaAllah.

Oh, wait! Before I go on with my story, let me show you my doodles on my cousin's eyes back in 2009. It was literally a doodle for me, hehehe. I remember we only used a very very cheap eyeshadows that we bought in one shopping mall in Batam, when we were having holidays there. So here it is! hahaha :P

Rizkyna Alamanda. Photo by Noya Siregar.

Long story short, here I am doing a freelance makeup job while studying Creative Multimedia Design Course in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Oops, i forgot to tell you how did I end up being a freelance makeup artist here! Umm, so it was started in June 2011, when my beloved friend Bianca asked me to help her to do makeup looks for her models who are also my beloved friends, Cindy and Jocelyne. Fyi, Bianca was a fashion design student, so that was meant to be her garments' photo shoot session with a talented young photographer Try Hansen, who is (of course) also my friend. So thanks to Bianca who opened this freelance opportunity to me! Oh, now let me show you the makeup looks of that i did that time.

Jossy & Cindy. Photo by Try Hansen.

Sooo, what do you think about the makeup look in that picture? It is waaay to perfection, i know. But even tough you may think that it was not the best makeup look you have ever seen in your life, to me it was such a precious little start for my makeup artistry career. Until now and forever, i will always keep learning to be as best makeup artist as i can be :)

Hmmm... i guess this post is quite long already. I don't wanna make anyone bored reading this, haha! Anyways, thank you so much for your time reading this little story of mine. I truly appreciate it! Hope this can be an inspiration for you, or at least an entertainment to read, hehehe. Fingers cross, I will be posting more pictures of my makeup works very soon! Please stay tune!

Once again, thank you very much for your time!

xx Vizzya

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