Hi everyone! :)

Well, as you can see, this is my very first post on this blog. 

............ *awkward silence*

Oh, craaaap! I am just sooo bad at introduction like this.

However, you guys can call me a noob or anything like that in this blogging world, coz' I am, indeed :P

But let me brief you about what i am planning to post further on this blog;

makeup, makeup, and makeup!

Hahaha, just kidding! Though it can be true, i guess :P

Hmmmm, ok so i think I'm just gonna introduce myself very quick then.

My name is Rizqina Vizzya Hassan; a proud Indonesian girl.

I am turning 21 years old on next 17th August, yeaaay!!!

Naa aah, I am not that excited for getting older actually. But umm, whatever :/

I am currently studying Multimedia Design in Malaysia, while freelancing as a makeup artist & a singer too, haha :D

I love makeup, music, movies, food, and YOU.

Sooo yeah, that's pretty much my quick introduction about myself. 

Hope this blog can be a fresh and inspiring new reading material to you all! 

Thanks for visiting!

xx, Vizzya.

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